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Mia's new bed

We are privileged to actually have met Mia Spargo at a beauty pageant held in Plano, Texas a few years ago.
Her poise and spirit really spoke to Joanna and I. As we saw her go through her routines during the Pageant, we became enchanted.

Tragically, Mia has be diagnosed with brain cancer. Upon hearing this awful news we were devastated. No child deserves such a fate,
especially no one as dear as Mia.

Knowing how much she really wanted a Ultimate Princess Canopy Bed, we resolved to donate one to her. We believe that every little girl deserves to be a princess.

We are very proud of Mia and have been keeping up with her battle to beat cancer! She is a trooper and we sincerely believe that she will be a victorious princess, when its all said and done!

We have included “Miracle for Mia’s” donation page. Please help this lovely girl by helping pay her medical expenses.


  1. Tamra Stone says:

    What a wonderful write up. Thank you so much for helping a sweet lil girl’s dream come true. Absolutely Awesome!

  2. Marina says:

    Thanks to Princess Canopy Beds for such an amazing donation for my girl Mia Spargo. Mia is battling brain tumor cancer from 2013. This bed was her dream from a loooong time ago. Her dream has come true! Even though she has sickness, she loves her new bed. Thank you very much. Marina and Mia

  3. Joanna says:

    We love Mia! Our hearts and prayers go to her in her time of need!

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