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Princess Canopy Beds is having their largest sale in Years! Now is a great time to buy that personalized canopy bed for your sweet girl. We have many styles to choose from and if you do not see what you are looking for then we can custom make one for you too! Your little princess will love this bed!

A Princess Dream…


There is no better way to say I love to your little Princess than to get her the most magical canopy bed available on the internet! Order yours today and make her dreams come true!

Summer Fun | Rainbow Celery Experiment

Rainbow Celery Experiment and Craft 80 By MaryLea Harris of Pink and Green Mama Pin It Learn about capillary action with this simple and colorful rainbow celery experiment and craft! Materials: leafy celery stalks mason jars or drinking glasses filled with water food coloring scissors (optional) Instructions Fill the jars or glasses about halfway with water and place them by sunlight. Then drop different colors of food dye into the … Read More →

Shark Bite Cupcakes | For Summer Fun

  With Shark Week quickly approaching, I’ve been thinking of ways to up the ante for this year’s viewing party. Shark-themed just-about-everything works for me, but I wanted to make a treat that would feel thematic without being so kitschy that it became unappealing. I settled on cupcakes, but with a twist. They’re plain white cupcakes (I used a box mix) in swirl liners, with homemade vanilla buttercream that I … Read More →

Introducing our ULTIMATE Princess Canopy Bed

Eden Wood and Friends on Princess Canopy Bed

When we first dreamed up this darling bed, we were thinking, what would be the Ultimate Princess Canopy Bed?  What would a commited princess want to sleep on? We gave it so much thought, “it had to have pink and satin, and most of all, it had to be magical.” Those were the prerequisites we came up with, so we went to work…   When we were done, we were … Read More →

Princess Canopy Beds Gives Back

Mia’s new bed

We are privileged to actually have met Mia Spargo at a beauty pageant held in Plano, Texas a few years ago. Her poise and spirit really spoke to Joanna and I. As we saw her go through her routines during the Pageant, we became enchanted. Tragically, Mia has be diagnosed with brain cancer. Upon hearing this awful news we were devastated. No child deserves such a fate, especially no one … Read More →