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Introducing our ULTIMATE Princess Canopy Bed

When we first dreamed up this darling bed, we were thinking, what would be the Ultimate Princess Canopy Bed?  What would a commited princess waUltimate Princess Canopy Bednt to sleep on?

We gave it so much thought, “it had to have pink and satin, and most of all, it had to be magical.”

Those were the prerequisites we came up with, so we went to work…


When we were done, we were so excited to show it off.   What better way to unveil the glamorous bed than

through a nationally Televised Show, Toddlers And Tiaras.


We packed up the bed and our suitcases and  traveled to Texas.Eden Wood and Friends on Princess Canopy Bed

Once we landed in Texas, off we went to the fancy hotel and right

back to work, putting the bed together for that lucky princess.


Needless to say, that once the girls started to take a gander at our

Ultimate Prize,  they flocked Eden Wood on the Ultimate Princess Bedaround it.  It was magical and  regal, just like we hoped it would be.

A prize fit for a Queen!
The contestants were excited, this was some prize!


They started to climb inside  of it,  imagining what it would be like if this bed was theirs?  Pictures ensued, one after another the girls gave us their best glamor shots.

We loved the attention, as our Ultimate Princess Canopy Bed was truly magical!

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